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Grading and Excavation

Floyd S. Lee Grading, Inc. has over 55 years experience in Grading and Excavation services for residential, commercial, and industrial developments, parking lots, retention ponds, and lakes. We provide grading and excavation services including but not limited to, hauling, placement, moisture conditioning, compaction and grading of dirt materials to meet designed elevations and contours for new structures and other improvements.  


Clearing and Demolition

Land Clearing and Demolition are often required to do on projects. We will take care of the work essential to accelerate project schedules and save clients both time and money. Excavation and Grading cannot begin until Land Clearing and Demolition have been completed, so efficiency and a watchful eye toward the project schedule are critical. Floyd S. Lee Grading, Inc. will take care of all your Land Clearing and Demolition needs.


Erosion and Sediment Control

Erosion and Sediment control is the installation, maintenance and elimination of temporary and permanent land erosion barriers as required on most new construction projects by local, state, and federal requirements in order to prevent the release of soil materials such as silt from construction sites into roadways, state waters, or neighboring properties. We regularly perform and monitor these services on our sites. These erosion control measures usually include but are not limited to; Silt Fence, Rock Check Dams, Tree Protection Fence Construction Entrances, Hay and Seeding, Retention Pond Skimmers Diversion Berms and Swales, Slope Stabilization Matting, Rock Rip Rap and Retrofit. 


Storm Drain and Roof Drain

Our services include but aren't limited to HDPE, CMP, and RCP Piping. Water Quality Unit Installation, Retention Pond Installation. 


Sanitary Sewer

Our Sanitary Sewer installations include but are not limited to; 

Jack and Bore, Main Line, Laterals, Outfall Line, Forced Main & Lift Station.


Fire and Water Distribution

Installation of a variety of water lines services including: Domestic Line,  Jack and Bore, Directional Drill,  Fire Line, Backflow Preventer Installation and Testing, Water and Fire Vault Installation, Water Tap Installations and Repairs.

Underground Detention Systems

We install a wide variety of detention systems for your projects specific needs. 

Air Curtain Destructors

We rent air curtain destructors. Don’t hesitate to call for our rates. Thousands less than having to chip and haul off the trees.


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