Eleanora Subdivision

Under Construction Start Date September 15, 2020

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Intex DIY, Inc.

Intex DIY, Inc. consisted of over 16,000 cy of rock excavation. 50,000 cy of dirt hauled in and moved onsite. 100,000 sf production building. Installing trench drains to drain the aquifer running underground across the property.  

Pinehurst Subdivision

Pinehurst Subdivision consisted of over 52,000 cy of excavation including over 12,000 cy of rock, building two retention ponds. installation of 1,200 Linear feet of sanitary sewer, 1,100 linear feet of storm drain, and 1,400 feet of water line. 

Childcare Network East Point

We started the project in November of 2015. Our scope of work included but wasn't limited too: Grading, Underground Retention Pond Installation, waterline installation, Grease Trap installation, Sewer Line installation, and Erosion Control installation and Maintenance.

Childcare Network College Park

We started the project in November of 2015. Our scope of work included but wasn't limited too: Grading, Erosion Control Installation, & Maintenance.

Southern Tire Mart

The Southern Tire Mart Project consisted of the installation of erosion, clearing, Grading and Excavation of 15,000 CY; Grading a new building pad and rebuilding their retention pond to updated standards. The installation of Storm, Sanitary Sewer, and Waterline. 

Ace Hardware

The Ace Hardware Project consisted of demolition of existing bank and asphalt parking lot. Installation of erosion control storm drain, sanitary sewer, traffic control and domestic water including vaults. 

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Ryder Trucking

The Ryder Trucking Project included a variety of services from Floyd Lee Grading. Clearing over 6 acres, Moving less than 25,000 CY of dirt, Laying Sewer Line and Water Line. The water line installation included a three vault system for the Fire and Water System.

Tommy Carwash

The Tommy Carwash Project consisted of earthwork, installation of a Decel lane, 48" underground retention for storm drain, roof drains off of the building, sanitary sewer, and waterline. 

Everton Subdivision

Everton Subdivision consisted of building two retention ponds, excavating 30,000 cy, installation of over 3,000 linear feet of storm drain, 4,600 linear feet of sanitary sewer line, and over 5,600 linear feet of water line. 

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