Since its inception in 1953. Floyd S. Lee Grading has been operating as a family-owned site development contractor.  Based out of Forest Park, Ga. Floyd S. Lee has successfully operated three main market segments Commercial, Residential, and Industrial. Floyd S. Lee Grading is now in its third generation of ownership. The company was built on a strong foundation based on Trust, Quality, and Safety. We realize that utilizing our past project experience plays a key role in our continued success and is what sets us apart from our competition. We also know that continuous training and investment in our employees and work methods enable us to recognize new ways to implement the advantages of today’s technologies. 

Our History

Esta. 1961. Floyd S. Lee Sr. started Floyd S. Lee Grading, Co. with a cable operated loader and single axle dump truck. Floyd S. Lee Sr. started the company based on the core values of Trust, Quality, and Safety.   

GPS and 3D Modeling Technology 

Floyd S. Lee Grading uses the most up to date 3D digital terrain modelling to make our earthmoving process more cost-effective. The 3D Layout Rovers perform quality checks, monitor daily progress, and review design information in the field. Our 3D machine control allows Floyd S. Lee Grading to meet the most stringent accuracy requirements on the project site while optimizing efficiency at every level of our operation.

Storm Drainage.JPG

Floyd S. Lee Grading provides design and value engineering for clients that want to maximize their investment through efficient design and improved land utilization. Floyd S. Lee provides value design in temporary and permanent road design, Temporary Drainage Measures and Permanent Drainage Measures, Earthwork, Sanitary Sewer, and Waterline. Floyd Lee works closely with many engineering partners and subcontractors delivering cost-effective solutions to your project. Our engineering partners and construction specialists collaborate to provide optimized solutions that consider constructability, cost, and schedule.